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Industrial Hose Accessories

Industrial Hose Accessories by Dixon


In addition to our quality line of industrial hose products we stock a wide range of hose couplings and accessories manufactured by Dixon Group Canada Limited.


Dixon hose and couplings have been carefully engineered to meet specific requirements If hose couplings are not used in the correct applications or are incorrectly applied, accidental downtime can result.

  • Cam and Groove quick acting couplings
  • Air King and Dix-Lock quick couplers
  • Shank style couplings for water hose in both IPT and GHT
  • Hose clamps: Oetiker, Mikalor T-bolt, Bandit, gear-type & silicone
  • Black iron pipe fittings for adapting to any situation
  • Foot valves and strainers
  • Menders
  • Spray nozzles
  • Hydrant adaptors
  • Brass adaptors