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Conveyor Belting

Conveyor Belting by Continental ContiTech


PlyPlus Red Skim

Premium Grade 1 Stacker Covers 3/375

  • 4875 lb ultimate breaking strength
  • 3/375 ply
  • High abrasion-cut and gouge resistant covers
  • Nylon-Nylon fabric
  • Better impact resistant fabric 5-6 minus
  • 13:1 safety factor

Click here for  ContiAlert PDF image.

Plylon Plus

Defender Plus Grade 1 Covers 3/600

  • 200 lb per ply rated fabric
  • 3/8 3/32 covers Defender Plus Grade 1

Plylon Plus Protector

RMA Grade 2 Covers

  • 110 lb per ply rated fabric
  • Available in 2/220 ply – 3/330 ply
  • Good impact resistant fabric

Full range of widths available.

GSB Conveyor Belting

Available for those with economy in mind. It is available in 220 piw and 330 piw with polyester/nylon fabric and can be used in short take-up applications. The safety factor is 10:1 and is recommended for material 3” or less.

Conveyor Belt Splicing

  • Splicing and Installation Service for on site or in shop
  • Vulcanized Hot, Cold and Mechanical splices

Xtra-Grip Conveyor Belting

A multi rib belt available in 2 and 3 ply for incline applications.